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Rooftop HVAC Unit Installations & Service in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI

Rooftop HVAC Unit

Rooftop HVAC systems are typically used in large structures like hospitals, offices, warehouses, or similar structures. It is an attractive option for bigger spaces and commercial properties because it centralizes the control for your air conditioning unit, heat pump, humidity control system, and air circulation system in one convenient location.

In addition, a rooftop HVAC unit lets you:

  • Save space – A rooftop installation is a hassle-free choice if you’re stuck between other buildings or if you want to free up space for a parking lot or a garden.
  • Enjoy flexibility – HVAC systems are modular in design, meaning each of the package’s smaller parts (modules) can be created independently and used in different systems. This allows you to easily modify your unit to service bigger or smaller spaces.
  • Use energy efficiently – Because cold air stays at the bottom and your HVAC unit is on the roof, you don’t have to use extra energy to distribute cold air throughout your building during summer.
  • Hide unsightly installations – Cooling and heating units don’t necessarily look good, and installing one in your garden won’t increase your property’s aesthetic appeal. Place the unit on the rooftop to ensure that it is safe from vandals and that it won’t mar your building’s façade.
  • Lower repair and maintenance cost – The technician only has to inspect a single unit to find and repair any broken part in your HVAC system.

Quick, Hassle-free HVAC Installation

Count on Tony’s Heating and Cooling to take care of your rooftop HVAC installation for you. Founded in 1990 with the goal to promote comfort, peace-of-mind, and a superior customer experience, our company promises to find the best solutions to fit your needs and budget. Our heating and air conditioning services are available to those in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI. Contact Tony’s today or give us a call at 586-221-4041 to find out more about how we can help make your property more comfortable.

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