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Geothermal Energy Air Conditioning in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI

Geothermal Energy Air Conditioning in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI

Air conditioning units and models come in all shapes and sizes, but the main difference between these systems is how each impacts your lifestyle. There is no doubt that these machines will keep your indoor environment cool. However, it is still important to note which system fits your standards. Buying an air conditioning unit blindly can be quite expensive, and once you turn it on, you may not like what you experience. That is why we, at Tony’s Heating & Cooling, are here to help you solve all your air conditioning woes. With that said, if you are looking for a system that is better for the environment and is easier to operate, you have the option of using geothermal energy.

Why Go Geothermal?

Geothermal Energy Air Conditioning in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI

Unlike conventional cooling systems, geothermal energy harnesses the temperature underground. The temperature deep within the earth is more stable than that above ground, so it is a good source of heat. Besides this, geothermal energy provides you a few more advantages such as:

Reducing your utility bills by up to 80%

Cooling systems that run on geothermal energy do not use a lot of electricity.

Allowing you to heat and cool your home

This system uses a liquid made from water and environmentally safe anti-freeze. When the temperature gets too hot, the warm water from the building's piping gets sucked into the pipes underground, cooled, and then pumped back into your home. During winter, the liquid takes heat from the ground, and the heating process begins the same way.

An environmentally friendly alternative

Geothermal energy does not burn or use any fuel. Hence, reducing your carbon footprint.

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The trickiest part about geothermal energy is its installation process. Since most of its components need to be underground, an excavation has to be done around your property. Plus, geothermal energy runs on a system of loops that carry a special liquid. Mapping out the correct way to place the loops and injecting the liquid will become troublesome if you do not know how to do it properly. If you wish to switch to geothermal energy, contact Tony’s Heating & Cooling at 586-221-4041, so that we may get started. Our services are only available to properties situated in the areas of Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI.