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Why You Need to Get a Home Energy Evaluation

Why You Need to Get a Home Energy EvaluationIf you have not had a home energy evaluation, it’s high time you have one. Getting your home evaluated is necessary to find out where you should focus on making improvements that will make your home more energy efficient. Without a home energy evaluation, you may find yourself with rising energy costs that you don’t know how to address.

What Goes into a Home Energy Evaluation

A home energy audit, as it is often called, is usually done by professionals who can assess why your home is using up more energy than it should. This often begins with a thorough inspection of your home, analyzing your energy bills, and an assessment of your heating and cooling systems. This diagnosis of your home will include the evaluation of your insulation, the state of your heater or air conditioner, and your ductwork, among other things.

All of these items are taken into consideration when a home energy audit is performed. Once all the factors are reviewed, recommendations are made to help make your home more energy efficient. Some of the recommendations you can expect from an energy evaluation include:

Benefits of a Home Energy Evaluation

Once you have your home assessed for energy efficiency and you follow the recommendations from your home energy specialist, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Lower energy consumption – this comes from replacing and upgrading your cooling and heating systems so they work more efficiently. Energy efficient doors, improved insulation, and improved ductwork and air sealing will prevent warm or cold air from escaping, which means you get to retain heat and cold air better without needing to crank up your AC or your heater.
  • Savings on energy bills – with lower energy consumption comes lower energy bills, which can translate to 5% up to 30% off of your usual monthly energy costs.
  • Helps save the environment – another benefit that comes from a home energy audit and the changes that come with it is the reduction of your carbon footprint. Since you will be using less energy, you won’t be using up too much fuel in your home. This means you will be reducing your carbon footprint on the planet, and that is a good thing for the environment.

If you want to make your home in Fair Haven & New Baltimore, MI more energy efficient and cost effective, the first step is to contact Tony’s Heating & Cooling for a home energy evaluation. Once this is done, we can also help you improve your home and make upgrades that will benefit your home comfort and your wallet.

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