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Understanding the Different Components of your AC System

Understanding the Different Components of your AC System

How does your AC turn ordinary air into cold air? Is there some kind of magic involved in this process? It's not easy to understand what every part of the air conditioning system does or the roles they play when it comes to cooling your air. To understand what your AC system does, here is a rundown on the basic components of your AC and what functions they serve.

How the AC Converts Warm Air into Cool Air

If you’re wondering how your AC turns warm air into cool air that keeps your home comfortable during warm days, then wonder no more. AC systems use refrigerants to cool the warm air that your AC takes in from your home. Also called coolants, this is what cools the air after it travels through the other parts of your air conditioning system. The cooling process happens in the evaporator and/or condenser coils of your AC system.

What the Evaporator Coil Does

The evaporator coil is a copper coil that helps cool hot air pulled in from your home. When hot air is pulled in by your AC, it passes through the evaporator coils, which then remove moisture and heat from the air, turning it into cool, dry air which is then pumped back into your home. The refrigerant that cools the air is located inside these copper coils.

What the Condenser Coil Does

Another component in your AC system is the condenser coil that plays an important role in the cooling process and leaves your home comfortably cool. When the refrigerant turns warm air into cold air, it absorbs the warmth, making the refrigerant warm. For the refrigerant to continue cooling down warm air, it has to return to a state that can cool down the air that the AC unit sucks in.

The condenser coil is what returns the refrigerant to its cooling form, with the help of the exhaust fan. Once the coolant is back to its cooling form, it gets pumped back into the evaporator coil and the cycle repeats itself - pumping out cool, comfortable air.

Why AC Maintenance is Important

When your air conditioning system fails to keep your home warm, it can mean that something is wrong in the general cycle of your HVAC system and it also means something may be wrong with your condenser coil or evaporator coil. To prevent such problems, we recommend scheduling regular AC maintenance with our professional HVAC technicians at Tony’s Heating & Cooling.

To find out how you can keep your AC system in good working condition and how to keep it running smoothly, contact us online or give us a call at 586-221-4041, to learn more about our AC maintenance, AC repairs and other heating and cooling solutions in Michigan.