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Temperature Zoning Benefits

Temperature Zoning Benefits

Not everyone living in the same home has the same needs when it comes to their comfort. Some family members may want their rooms to be on the cooler side while others want it to be a bit warmer than other parts of the house. With a centralized HVAC or traditional forced-air system, this can be a problem.

With a zoned cooling system, on the other hand, there is no problem. A zoned HVAC system allows you to control and manage the flow of air in your home, making it easy for individual members of your family to adjust the temperature in their individual areas. This gives everyone a chance to control the temperature in their part of the home.

How Does Temperature Zoning Work?

With a centralized AC system that is reliant on ductwork to direct warm or cool air into the different rooms of a home, zoning can be achieved with the help of dampers. Each zone in your home will have thermostat controls that can be adjusted depending on what each person needs or wants. This is like having separate AC units in each area of your home without having to change your HVAC system entirely.

What You Get with Temperature Zoning

Aside from being able to choose the temperature of different parts of your home, you can also save a lot of energy with a zoned system. This is because you can turn off the HVAC of rooms that are not in use when you want to. You can also choose to keep certain parts of your home warm or cold, depending on the circumstances. This can mean you won’t have to suffer cold bathroom floors or uncomfortably warm bedrooms simply because the thermostat is at one setting only.

The added control that a zoned system gives you also ensures that you save a lot of money. With the capability of turning off the heating or cooling system in some parts of your home that are unused, you also reduce the energy consumption of your home. This equates to energy savings that will reflect on your utility bill.

Should You Get a Zoned System?

If you feel that your home in Saint Clair and Macomb MI will benefit from such a heating and cooling system, you should get in touch with a company that specializes in HVAC systems. Tony’s Heating & Cooling is the most trusted company in the area that specializes in air conditioning installation and heating installation. We also offer home energy evaluation services for those who want a more energy-efficient home.

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